Get on Board – The Book to Help You Get Your Board Seat

When strong, dedicated women come together, our world can and will change.

Over the last several years, I’ve been blessed by the opportunity to come together with incredibly interesting, successful women who are increasing the leadership role of women in business. One way they are doing this is by their focus on leading at the top level of corporate America (and beyond our borders for some) – which includes the boardroom.  My mission is to guide as many women as I can in their quest to join a corporate board – the right one for their goals and professional experiences.

Olga Mack has the same mission, and we both met with women 1:1 and through workshops where we provided tips and a better understanding of the board journey.  Her no-nonsense approach to brNancy Quote Olga Book Coveroadening the reach of our mission resulted in a new book to share her knowledge.  Olga is a collaborator by nature, so she asked for my input on her ideas and to share my insights. The result was launched in August with the release of Get on Board: Earning Your Ticket to a Corporate Board Seat. The book is not just for women, but I intend to use it for my clients, workshop attendees and my Journey Advisor work with The Athena Alliance Aspiring Director members to give them a leg up in their quests.
Only when we have a significant representation of women and other underrepresented communities in the boardroom can we truly have companies that understand how to serve their many stakeholders. The Business Roundtable’s  “Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation” released in August 2019, shows that most of Corporate American understand the need to move towards addressing the needs of four other groups of stakeholders—customers, employees, suppliers, communities – in combo with their shareholders.

One of the most exciting parts of the gender diversity movement to me is instructing younger women that the boardroom can be in their future. It takes a well-thought out plan, commitment, and understanding of the career path most likely to get you there. This book can be the roadmap to reach your goal and change our world for the better. Thanks to Olga for her dedication and advocacy for this cause through this book and Women Serve on Boards.

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Nancy E. Sheppard - Founder & CEO, Women2Boards. Nancy has a passion for helping connect people for mutual benefit. She founded Women2Boards in 2014 as a way to assist both corporate boards and women connect and improve gender diversity. Read More

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