Guiding Women on their Journey to the Corporate Boardroom


I shepherd you with one-on-one sessions on how to position yourself and navigate the road to the boardroom. Take our assessment to see your readiness for this career step.

Delivering Workshops

I designed and facilitate the Corporate Board Readiness Workshops for How Women Lead.

CBRT title card - CBRT April 14The next 5-session virtual workshop begins in April 20The program features 12-15 board directors and board experts to guide you through the board journey.  You will come away with a draft board bio that has been reviewed in a small group by peers and a board-savvy leader. Over 700 women leaders have completed this program.  It provides attendees with a roadmap to design their strategy to become a director. Learn more and register here.  Use 10CBRT for 10% off

Please contact me if your company or organization is interested in a workshop for your senior-level women, membership, or a conference session.

Jump-Starting Your Journey 

Designed for you to develop a board seat campaign in a customized, structured, disciplined manner. The Jump Start Program is open only to a limited number of candidates at any one time. This program, with personal consulting and self-directed prep, includes a board branding package of a Bio, CV, LinkedIn Profile, and sample Pitch, It is based upon a 100-day plan to keep you moving forward to your goal of obtaining that first or next board seat.

Speaking on Gender Diversity

speak regularly on the benefits of gender diversity in the boardroom and strategies for executive women to accomplish their goal of gaining a board seat.  Please contact me if you are interested in having me speak for your organization.

I was delighted to be featured in September 2022 on a podcast from the American Association of Bank Directors.