Coaching Sessions with Women2Boards CEO

If you need assistance with your overall plan, value proposition, networking or board pitch approach, recommendations and references, visibility enhancement, or an upcoming interview, your best avenue is 1:1  online coaching sessions with Women2Boards CEO.

Mini Session

For a “quick” call for my insights on the boardroom journey and whether or not you may be qualified, you can request my Mini Session.  This call is often used by women who are just beginning their board quest. A request to provide a content review of your current bio or CV is not included in this type of session.

I encourage any aspiring board candidate to take my assessment prior to requesting this session.

If you decide to book 5 hours or more consulting time with me, or a Jump Start Program, I will provide you credit for this initial call.

  • 20 minute mini session call  = $100

Coaching Sessions with Women2Boards CEO

  • 1 hour = $350
  • 5+ additional hours  = $325 per hour

Sessions are billed in 30-minute increments. Packages of multiple hours must be completed within 6 months from the date of purchase.

Board Bio, CV, LinkedIn, and Pitch Branding Documents

If you would like me to review your board bio, CV, LinkedIn, or “pitch”,  and provide recommendations for you to update your own documents, my consulting fees will include both my discussion time with you as well as the time spent reviewing and making recommendations on your documents.

Please review our recommended board branding services here.

Interview Coaching and Mock Interviews

I can provide overall insights into the interview process and/or a mock interview.

I require a client to provide background information on the company selected for the interview so that I can prepare questions appropriate for your expertise and this company’s board needs.  This could be for practice for a future interview or it could be in advance of a real interview.  I will need your board bio, CV, and the specs provided by the board or search firm if a real opportunity. My mock interview approach usually requires 2-3 hours of my time.

How to Schedule

Contact if you would like to sign up for these sessions or for more information.

I request payment via PayPal or check before our first call.  Full payment for hourly sessions is requested before we begin.