Recommended Board Branding Writers

Your Board Bio, Resume, LinkedIn Profile, and Pitch are your sales tools. You are the product and your personal Go-to-Market strategy must clearly inform prospective buyers of your value!

Value Prop

Most board experts recommend that you have both a specific board-focused 1-page Bio,  a 2-page Resume, and a LinkedIn Profile focused on your Board Value Proposition.

Board documents get scanned quickly (usually within two minutes) by a board influencer, recruiter, registry manager, VC or PE partner, CEO, or nominating committee.  The most important rule is to make it easy to see the value that you can bring as a board member.  Starting a board search plan without a well-thought-out Board Bio and CV is ill-advised.  Candidates must clearly focus on what is relevant to a board of directors.

Your experiences should be linked to building a story matching your background with the needs of the role.   A good writer can assist you to focus on the content and wordsmithing to show your value clearly

Use Branding Services that Understand Board Trends and Needs and Know How to Position You

We have found that very few resume writers understand the differences between writing an executive and a  board branding package.  We have worked closely with these providers and know that they understand the key elements of documents important to boards.  When a branding package presents challenges in positioning, we often provide insights.

SA Resume Services

Sandra Allison is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and is on the Board of Directors of the National Resume Writer’s Association. Contact her at

The Azuri Group

Adriana Azuri is the President and Chief Branding Strategist and has written branding board packages for numerous board-focused organization members.  Contact her at

Please let Sandra or Adriana know that we have referred you to them for their board branding expertise.