Why Women on Boards – Santa Barbara Bank & Trust Chairman’s Interview

Santa Barbara Bank & Trust’s Chairman Ed Birch was interviewed for a story about the contributions of a woman on their board.  Ed had wanted a woman who was bright, sharp, willing to collaborate, but who would effectively challenge the comfort zone of the status quo.  “Kathy Odell brought all that, in spades” he said.  During a crisis situation at the bank, as it was heading for failure, her talent for being a good listener and understanding body language, she was able to shift the direction of the board discussion onto a more productive path.   Read the whole story here.


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Nancy E. Sheppard - Founder & CEO, Women2Boards. Nancy has a passion for helping connect people for mutual benefit. She founded Women2Boards in 2014 as a way to assist both corporate boards and women connect and improve gender diversity. Read More

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