Know of a board looking for a new director? Share it with board-ready women!

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”  

This quote from Madeleine Albright, who became the first woman to become US Secretary of State in 1997, sums up the why many women are getting onboard to help other women get board seats.

two angelsSo, please be an Angel…

Pay it forward and share your knowledge

Since I’m absolutely sure that you want to avoid this reason to go to hell,  join the growing club of women who are making it a priority to move the needle up on the number of women on corporate boards.  And, we need men to be Angels too.  It’s part of the He for She Campaign which acknowledges the need for men to be a big part of the process of breaking through the boardroom glass table.

If you have knowledge of a company that is looking for a new board member — and you are not a candidate — please pay it forward by sharing your knowledge with board-ready women through Women2Boards.

The process for recruiting new board members is typically done behind the “curtain” and the wizards don’t reveal what’s going on.  This makes it very hard for those who are not already well-connected to a board or search firm to get a chance to be considered.  Women2Boards will contact a firm that you refer to find out the process for their board search and advise potential board-ready candidates.


Nancy Sheppard at (415) 613-2323 or or fill out the contact form.   We can keep your name confidential regarding your referral.


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