Board Bio, CV and Pitch: Your “Go-to-Market” Documents


Your Board Bio and CV are sales tools. You are the product and your personal Go-to-Market strategy must clearly inform prospective buyers of your value!

As these documents get scanned quickly (usually within two minutes) by a search firm, registry manager, CEO or nominating committee, the most important rule is to make it easy to see the value that you can bring as a board member.  Starting a board search plan without a well thought out Board Bio and CV is ill-advised.  Candidates must clearly focus on what is relevant to a board. Your experiences should be linked to building a story matching your background with the needs of the role.  Don’t expect anyone but you to draw the lines between your accomplishments and their needs, lines that demonstrate your fit and relevancy.

Our “Go-To-Market” Program includes:

  • Two hours of consulting calls with Women2Boards CEO to develop, draft and refine your board documents.
  • Materials:
    • Roadmap to target board opportunities
    • Sample bio, CV, and Pitch
    • Guidelines/template for drafting these documents
  • Creation of final Board Bio, CV, and Pitch by Women2Board’s Executive Writer Nancy Jennings, including two calls if needed for questions regarding your career and redrafts.

We need to have significant information about your key leadership accomplishments, with metrics of success, past jobs, titles, focus, board interaction (corporate, advisory, nonprofit), honors, thought-leadership acknowledgements (quotes, articles, speeches), awards, and education to begin our drafting of your Board CV which will be used as the basis for your bio and pitch.

Based upon our typical schedule, the process can usually be completed in 30-60 days depending upon our mutual schedules.

Fee:  $1,150

Please email and indicate your interest and date that you would like to start creating your program.