Helping Women on their Path to the Boardroom

  • We consult with with accomplished businesswomen on their path to obtain a corporate board seat appropriate for their skills and experience.
  • We reach out to boards when we have members that we think might be right for their board.

Helping Corporate Boards Find Women Candidates

Our referral service significantly expands a board’s network in their search for board candidates with minimal cost.

  • Public and private company boards provide us with a profile of the skills and expertise needed for a director.
  • We search our Registry and networks for women candidates who match these needs and provide only matching profiles for consideration.
  • Boards pay a small referral fee only if one of our candidates is brought onto the board.

Board Jump Start Program

The program is a way for serious candidates to develop a board seat campaign in a structured, disciplined manner.

The Jump Start Program is open only to a limited number of candidates at any one time. This program, with personal consulting and self-directed preparation, has a 100 day plan from sign-up date in order to keep the candidate moving forward to her goal of obtaining that first or next board seat.