Our Match – Candidate Referral Service


Find Candidates Through our Networks

We engage with your board’s nominating committee to understand your ideal candidate criteria and quickly provide you a slate of qualified candidates who meet your board‘s specifications.  We search our networks to find the best candidates for your criteria.

Expand your selection of candidates

When your board is looking for new talent to fill board gaps, you want to have a selection of extraordinary candidates.   Your board nominating committee may find that their circle of candidates is much more limited than it should be to find the best fit for those gaps.  We provide you with the names of board-ready candidates who have the qualifications your board needs.  If our Registry does not have candidates to meet your needs, we have access to other organizations that can assist identify such individuals.

Get the expertise your board needs

Do you need candidates with technology expertise?  Do you need candidates who have M&A experience, or a regulatory background in your industry?   Specific expertise is often difficult to find without significant research into who has this type of experience.  We make that research process much more manageable for the nominating committee.

Diversity is just one objective

Perhaps your board has determined that diversity is a goal, and if you would like to have more representation on your board of women as one way you are approaching diversity, our candidates always meet that objective.  But, they represent much more than just checking a box for women on your board.   We will not encourage our talent to join boards where they are viewed as a token woman.  Research shows that having at least two women on a board changes the dynamics and produces better financial results.   Please review our Why Women section which highlights the facts behind why more women on your board will benefit the organization overall.

We also have alliances with several Search Firms that we can tap for a more traditional approach to a board search process if you so desire.

Call or email us today to learn how we can help you find the next best board member of your board.  Please contact Nancy Sheppard, our CEO & Founder, at (415) 613-2323 or email her to have a discussion of your needs and our services.


]Thank you.  We look forward to serving you and your board’s needs.