Is Your Board CV Ready for Primetime?

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A visionary Board CV is essential for any board search campaign

A Board CV is different from an Executive CV in a number of ways.  It is important that you identify your transferable skills, ability to contribute a vision, articulate your seniority and achievements and highlight past board experience.

Typically, a review and/or update of a Board CV will take between 1-3 hours of consulting assistance.  One or more consults (via phone or in person depending upon your location) may be necessary. If you haven’t done much work on refocusing your Executive CV into a Board CV you should plan on the high end of this estimate.

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How to Write a Laser-Focused Board CV

CV Review Options:

CV Snapshot Review (15 minute review by consultant of your current CV)

 $75 / Seeker & Explorer Members receive 15% discount

The snapshot review will allow a Women2Boards consultant to advise you if your resume is ready for prime time and if not,  the estimated amount of time recommended to get your Board CV ready for prime time.  Following signing up for this, you receive an email and instructions on how to upload your current CV to us, and we will forward  it to one of our consultants, who will contact you directly. Following receiving the assessment of the stage of your CV,  you can determine how much consulting time you would like to purchase through Women2Boards at the rates noted below.

CV Review Hourly Consulting Fee

  $325 per hour / Seeker & Explorer Members receive 15% discount

If you are interested in going directly into a Board CV Review, you may select this option immediately and purchase one or more hours of consulting time.  A  Women2Boards consultant will contact you directly to begin the process of a CV review.

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