Is Your Board CV Ready for Prime Time?

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If this is your year to go forward with a plan to gain your first or an additional corporate board seat, getting your board CV(s) in shape is essential!  Learn more by watching the replay of the webinar on writing a laser-focused Board CV offered by Women2Boards.

Gary Purece, an executive communication and career coach will provide tips for boardroom candidates to communicate their brand clearly, authentically and with integrity through their CV.  He provides insights into the difference focus required of a board CV from your corporate resume.   One of the main differences is to highlight what you will do if you are added to a board, not what you have done.


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Nancy E. Sheppard - Founder & CEO, Women2Boards. Nancy has a passion for helping connect people for mutual benefit. She founded Women2Boards in 2014 as a way to assist both corporate boards and women connect and improve gender diversity. Read More

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