Mission & Vision

Our  Mission

  • Bringing diversity to the boardroom, one talented woman at a time.

Our Vision

  • We are the “go to” place for smaller company boards to find talented women candidates who meet their skills and experience specifications

board of directors positions Our Solutions 

  • We connect private and public companies with women who have the needed skills, experience and willingness to serve successfully on their board.
  • We offer fee-based candidate referral services that are affordable for smaller companies.
  • We target micro and small cap companies, including Private Equity firms for their portfolio companies.
  • We encourage talented women who may not be ready for Fortune 500 company board service or may be looking for their first board seat to be a part of our Registry.
  • We spread the word of the benefits of gender balance for all the stakeholders of public and private companies — shareholders, customers and employees.

Our Social Responsibility Commitment

  • We are a socially responsible organization founded to benefit both the women who desire to serve as board leaders and the corporations which recognize that gender balance in their leadership is a best practice and improves the ROI for shareholders.